Our Reviews - Sit Means Sit Dog Training St. Louis

Kathy Z.

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We love Sit Means Sit STL! It is amazing to see the difference in our dog, Annie, after her classes with Chase. Chase is so awesome to work with. He is knowledgeable, listens to our concerns, explains the steps he will take and makes sure we are comfortable working with Annie before we leave for the day. Check out Sit Means Sit STL! You will be amazed what they can do with your dog. We are so glad we did!

Amber C.

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I cannot possibly give Chase enough thanks and praise for what he has done for Riot. My boy was a working dog for five years and we were having trouble where he would get into fights with our other dog. That’s when we reached out to Chase to temper Riot and help Zephyr learn basic manners.

Chase has transformed both of our dogs dramatically. We don’t have fights on walks or in our house. The boys aren’t darting out of our door or jumping on guests. They actually listen!

I know Riot was not the easiest to mold but I truly appreciate everything Chase did to get him where he is today as I know it took a bit extra work.

We are so excited to start group classes with both boys. I cannot recommend Sit Means Sit St Louis or Chase enough. Whatever your dog needs, Chase can help you achieve it. He is worth every penny and more.

Jordan A.

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Chase is amazing! My dog went to another training facility before Sit means Sit and barely learned anything. From the moment I stepped into this facility I instantly had a better feeling. Chase talked to me about what goals I had for my dog and how we were going to get there. Through just the first few private lessons I already saw massive improvements in my dog. Highly Recommend bringing your dog to this place!

Kristen C.

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We brought our 6 month cane corso Lucy to Chase and he is truly amazing! I could not walk her or even control her and after 3 days with Chase she walks by my side and she listens so well. We are working with her on her reactivity with other dogs but I know she’ll have it in no time. I can’t thank Chase enough! I highly recommend Sit means sit to anyone who needs any sort of training for their dog you won’t be disappointed!

Danielle M.

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We reached out to Chase and Catherine to work on our dog’s stranger danger aggression. They have both been amazing at individualizing her training to her particular needs, meeting us at our home and out in the community. I was nervous about having a trainer tell me I was “doing everything wrong” but Chase brings an energy to training that is fun and helpful without feeling critical. I feel like they use good, thoughtful methods and truly care about us and our dog. 10/10 would recommend.

Cecilia W.

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OMG….I don’t know where to start. Chase is a God sent. We have a 1yr old busy Boxer and I do mean busy. We’ve had Boxers before but never this hyper. Chase was able to teach his parents how to parent him. All I can say is call Chase if you need help with chewing, behavior issues, or whatever. He will be your lifesaver and your dog will absolutely love him.

Brian Y.

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Chase is an amazing trainer!!! I reached out because my two male dogs were fighting to the point that I was thinking of re-homing one of the dogs. With Chase, he was able to help me train both dogs to listen and be more claim. They understand now that they do not need to fight for superiority, and that I’m the alpha. I’m working with Chase to train my third female dog now and the process is going great.

Audrey H.

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This training program is by far one of the best I have seen while trying to train my hard headed dog. Chase has always been very open with communication and helping in any way possible, which has helped my dog do better in training sessions. I am truly blessed to have found this program and I am seeing new results every day. I would 10/10 recommend Chase and the Sit means Sit program to anyone looking to train and connect with their dogs.

Amanda & Scott C.

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Chase is the reason I’m not in the looney bin after adopting Sweet Caroline, a pup that quickly became way more than I knew how to handle. I wanted to have a safe, fun, and healthy bond with my new pup and Chase helped me and my husband get there!

We LOVED going to Chase’s group classes in Orlando. We put in the work with Chase and at home and it paid off. We had an anxious 20 pound pup that dragged me everywhere and that I didn’t know how to handle or train. She grew and trained to be a happy, healthy, obedient, 65 pound 2 year old dog that we take everywhere. And we get compliments from strangers everywhere we go.

Chase is extremely knowledgeable, patient, kind, and intuitive to you and your dog. He’s an awesome person and trainer. He makes learning and training fun! We miss him in Orlando, but we’re so happy for him, Catherine, and their fur family!

Abby H.

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Chase is a magician! We have two working line German Shepard’s who we never imagined being able to do basic everyday things with. Within the first week-two weeks our dogs were doing what we thought was impossible. I’m so incredibly thankful we signed up with Sit means Sit & highly recommend to anyone considering them!